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Vicky and Andy at the Coulsdon Manor Hotel

Earlier this month, Vicky and Andy’s wedding took us to the Coulsdon Manor Hotel and Golf Club (the last time I photographed a wedding here was about six years ago!). Apparently Coulsdon Manor was rebuilt in the eighteenth century as a country retreat for Lord Byron.

Wedding couple walking happily with trees (and golf course) in background.

After the ceremony at St John’s Church in Old Coulsdon, it was again a case of dodging the showers all day. ┬áLuckily the venue also has some charming interior space for photographs.

Wedding Photography at Englemere

After some brief rain at St Andrew’s church, high contrast sunshine was the order of the day for Sam and James’s wedding earlier this month. And it was our first visit to Englemere in Ascot.

Wedding couple on bright, sunny day, laughing near fountain.

The site dates back to 1817 but it was substantially rebuilt at the end of the 19th century – and became the home for Queen Victoria’s grandchildren during the war. ┬áThe modern Englemere is a lovely venue for wedding photography – offering nicely arranged gardens (including an oak tree that dates from Henry VIII), and grandeur from the house itself. It was good to see the couple enjoy such a warm sunny day, an we are looking forward to showing them the full set of wedding photos on their return from honeymoon.

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