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Wedding Photography Timings – Bridal Preps

Bridal portrait photographs are a fantastic way to start the wedding album. These images are frequently labelled “bridal preps”, but this phrase is really a misnomer. The photographs that excite the bride and groom are not of the bride in a chaotic hair and makeup scene.  Instead, the best photos are from the time when she has just finished dressing and is applying the final polish.  If the timings have been planned well, this a quiet time – away from competing guests – when the photography can capture the bride, bridesmaids and dress in their best state.  This is the time when the photographer should be able to produce take innovative and sometimes evocative images using creative natural light in the home or hotel.  Parents and relatives can also be involved at this point for some nice intimate photographed moments.

It is vital that this time of the day is carefully planned.  If the service is scheduled to start at 2pm, the photographer will usually meet up with the groomsmen at 1:20pm for photographs.  If 20 minutes travel time is allowed, this means the photographing the bride between 12noon and 1pm.   And this also implies that the hair and make-up artists finishing in time for the bride to dress by 12 noon.

Dressing two hours before the ceremony commences might initially seem early to some brides, but it is definitely a price worth paying for some fantastic images that will add an extra dimension to the album. Some brides mention that they would prefer to be wearing the dress for the greatest possible length of time on their wedding day anyway!  If a bride is worried about the potential for creasing, she will temporarily take the dress off again after the photographer has left to photograph the groom.

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Sussex Wedding Photography – Jenna and Ollie at Alexander House Hotel

Alexander House Hotel is a lovely, intimate, Sussex venue and fabulously relaxing for a wedding party.  Jenna and Ollie’s date was on 24 April and they were lucky enough to enjoy another full day of sun.  Although there were a few guest absent due to the volcano flight crisis, they still had a wonderful day.

Gary Speaking at MPA Regional Day

Gary will be speaking at the Regional MPA day on 26 April.   He will discuss his recent MPA Associateship Award,  outline how he achieved it, and his overall approach to the art of wedding photography.   The Regional Day is at Rowfant House, Sussex -  and places can be booked by contacting

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